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Halito! I am Chris Parish, writer!

What's up everybody? I'm Chris, I'm a writer and I love to help motivate people to think differently about improving themselves!

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 Take Responsibility and Think for Yourself!

Most of us don't know what we are doing. We get in line and wait our turn just like the sheep we are! We don't ask questions and sometimes we don't even know why we are in line! Who is your master? Surely you’re not thinking for yourself, are you? Take responsibility and think for yourself!

 Make it happen!

Letting go of the life you’ve been living is hard. It’s hard because that life is all you know. This life is what you’ve been living for the best part of your life! Now, it’s time to create another best part of your life! You know what you want to do! You talked about it for years. How you want to buy that over the road truck! How you want to buy those rent houses to make an extra income! It’s there, the “what you want,” you just need to act on it! Stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen. It’s entirely up to you!

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