Inside of me, there are two dogs, one good, and one evil. The evil dog and the good dog fight all day long. Which dog wins?


Throughout the day, I feed my two dogs, let’s call them Doo and Liv. Doo is such a wonderful dog, he is always happy-go-lucky. But Liv, she is a beast, she causes so much chaos in my life. The majority of the time I just want to get rid of Liv and enjoy the happiness that Doo brings me. Unfortunately, I cannot get rid of Liv unless I change the way I think about her. I need to start thinking about Liv like I do about Doo. I’ll say if I think that Liv is not bringing me chaos and is only bringing happiness through the chaos then maybe, just maybe, she will be wonderful too. Doo and Liv fight with each other so much that sometimes I can’t tell which of the two are actually winning.

You see, there is so much food to feed my two dogs that I almost need a couple more to help with the overflow. Problem is, there isn’t enough room for any more dogs, whether good or not. Don’t get me wrong, if Liv wasn’t so attached to Doo and me, she would be gone any second. No question’s asked because she eats a lot. Sometimes Liv eats so much Doo is left with crumbs.

When things look good in my life I realize that Liv is nowhere around. She goes off somewhere and stays away days or weeks or even months at a time. Then, out of the blue, she’ll pop in and devour the food bowls and disappear again leaving Doo and me to live peaceful again. Doo never asks where Liv is and I can’t say that I blame the old dog. He likes it better when it’s just him and me hanging around. He can never get enough food. I find that he likes sharing with others so they feel happy too. It doesn’t matter who or what, he likes for them to eat the food, even Liv. Doo just likes to see everyone happy.

If Liv stuck around long enough, Doo would disappear and I would miss him dearly. Liv is so greedy and doesn’t share anything with anyone. She always tries to snap at everyone, even Doo. Poor guy.

Anytime I’m able when Doo is around, I try to feed him as much as I can. I want him around more in my life. He loves helping people and keeps me out of trouble. I keep his food bowl full twenty four seven, hell, just between you and me, I have a secret stash for old Doo. Anytime I can I feed him and he always repays me by beating Liv in fights. I don’t like those two fighting but if one of them has to win, I’d rather it be Doo.

So, which one wins all the time? If you couldn’t tell from the story above, Doo is my positive thoughts and Liv is my negative thoughts. Whichever dog you feed the most will win, period.

George Bernard Shaw quoted a Native American parable once that went like this, “A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most.”

Which one do you feed the most?