The following is what I wrote back in 2015 for the book, 20 Recipes for Personal Development, I wanted to share a bit with you as you’re unable to get a copy of the book just yet. Thanks for reading.


Have you ever heard the term, you are what you eat? Well, you are what you think about. If you think about drama then it’s likely you’ll end up with some drama somewhere in your life.

Charles Haanel once said, “you must be before you can do, but you can only do that of which you are and what you are, depends on what you think!”, that’s a pretty powerful quote, it is one of my favorites. You control what you think about. You truly become what you think. It may seem like a smart-ass way of thinking but it’s true.

Lots of people don’t truly know who they are. Most of us continue searching for our true self probably even on our death bed. We have other worries that keep us from finding out who we are. Though, who we really are, is who we think we are. I think I’m a writer, so guess what I’m doing, yep, you guessed it—I’m writing.

What do you want to do? Find yourself? What is it that you want to do? If you know what you want to do and are doing it—then you are AWESOME! There may be little things that are holding you back, but guess what? You are what you think! So think you are a writer or an artist or whatever it is in this huge crazy world that you want to be and start doing it. Don’t let the “I can't” keep you from the “I wills” or the “I cans” because you truly can.

When you walk into a dark room and notice it’s dark, you say, “Hey, we need a light on so I can see!” Then you turn the light on and the darkness disappears. You can’t have darkness where there is light, it’s like having “I cans” and “I can't” together—it’s impossible! So let us turn on the light and start thinking about who we really truly are. Who we really want to be and believe, that is who we are. Remember that positive thoughts bring positive results and negative thoughts bring negative results.

If you want to be a fireman and you are afraid of fire, break through that door and put out that fire. You are a fireman, and what do firemen do, put out fires. So put out the fire of being afraid of fire and become the fireman that you are.

I always wanted to be a writer and write about what interest me. So I finally decided to quit talking about it and do it. Here I am today becoming what I think. In the process, I hope to find my true self. Who I am is who I think I am. If you think you’re fat then you'll probably see yourself as fat. You are the on who does the most criticizing of yourself before anyone else gets the chance. Get up and think about who you really are and become that person TODAY, not tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes.

I once quit smoking cigarettes by just telling myself I wasn’t a smoker and how I hated cigarettes and they tasted bad. You wouldn’t believe it but it’s the truth, I quit smoking and haven’t picked it back up since. It’s a choice, so make the choice to be who you want to be.