There are life events that make it hard for some people. Life events such as a death in the family. I agree these are hard times and depending on your beliefs, those feelings may continue with you. It's how you distribute your feelings that keep you in control. You can not let them consume your heart and soul.

Distribute those feelings in an array of feelings such as happiness, sadness, hatred and love. Those are the feelings that make us human and when an event like I mentioned above happens, jealousy takes over our heart and soul. Jealousy? You might ask. Yes. We become jealous because our happiness now is with someone else. Our sadness hangs on and builds hatred and hatred kills our soul in which makes us heartless. What about love?

Love? You just buried your love. Your love is gone forever. NO! How can my love be gone forever? Exactly! You are not heartless because you have loved. Your soul is not dead it just feels that way because of the hatred that was built by your sadness. Sadness we feel because we loved and have lost love. Jealousy makes us human. Freedom of choice makes us human. Life and death makes us human. Human, the likeness of God. God is Jealous. God is love! You, my friend, are love!