You can talk all the talk you want, but it doesn’t mean shit unless you’re taking action on the words you’re laying out. Words don’t mean anything without some type of action behind them. You can say you are going to the store, but if you don’t take action and go, your words are just simply words, meaningless letters thrown together to produce sounds. You have to walk the walk if you are going to talk the talk!


You’ve heard that sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you! So true that saying, because I can say I’m going to hit you but if I don’t actually hit you, you will feel any pain from me hitting you. You only have my word. I know, some people think words can hurt you, but I say that words don’t hurt it’s how people you care for use those words that would make you feel any emotion. I wouldn’t tell my wife I hate her and I don’t hate her, she knows that by my actions. I could, however, say I hate her and it would spark some emotion within her because she cares what I think, but my actions prove I do in fact love her. I could call you names but they are meaningless unless one of the names I use is actually your name. Then you would respond to the name. A tree is still a tree even if I called it a stick.

Don’t say you’re going to do something and never do it. Get up and bring actions right along with your words. People can say they are going to do something and never do it. I’ve had people tell me they would do something and never follow through. All I had was their word, so frankly, going forward I know that they can talk but would probably not walk the walk. Do what you say you are going to do, especially if you talk about it, don’t just talk about it, do something.

I once talked about writing as if it was something I had to wait around to do. I could call myself a writer all day long, but I had to actually begin writing to feel like one. Yes, I’m a writer and you are reading something I wrote. If I just talked about being a writer you wouldn’t be here reading this words vs. action post. It’s so weird to think about right now as I’m writing this. Words on the screen that are coming from my brain that had to have come from somewhere else in order for me to produce them here. A masterpiece without a master is only a piece and without its piece it’s nothing. Words are the same, without action they are are just words. Words tell stories and stories could mean a lot if there are action behind them or in front of them. You could do and not use words and let others tell the stories.

Try or do, be or became, speak or spoke, write or wrote, drive or drove. I’m going to vs. I am!

Who are you? Someone who takes actions with the words you lay out? Or, are you just a talker who never walks the walk? Many people talk about walking the walk and never get up off the couch. I’ve seen how people want to do great things and spend time discussing it with others and never take action, they simply say, one day!

Think about the words you say. Going to is simply saying you want to. I am doing that is much better, although, I’ve done it is best. Words vs. Action! Take Action.


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