Success is different to a lot of people. Most view a success as making a ton of money, some view a success as doing what they love. What does a success mean to you? Have you ever defined what a success is to you? Do it now!

I found a success to be a thing that arouses feelings of intense and eager enjoyment. If you enjoy something you're doing then you are successful. Right? A success means happiness at doing what you love. When doing what you love do you feel happy? Of course you do. I bet you are wondering how you can be successful at work? My thoughts, love what you do! If you don't love what you do, find what you love, by doing what you hate!

So what is a success?

Success is doing what you love. Success is having a ton of money and never worrying about paying your bills! Success is kicking it with your kids, just because you want to. Success is not having a boss or just being your own boss. Success is happiness. Are you happy? Are you successful? You determine your own success. You determine your own happiness! Go be happy! Go Be Success! Succeed at what you want. Be what yo want!

I wanted to write. I'm a writer! I'm am a success! Are You?