Turns out, the universe doesn't give a shit about you! It's true, the universe doesn't care if you fail! Guess what, though, it doesn't care if you succeed either! We are only little specks of dirt on specks of dirt! You aren't shit! I mean it, you are worth something to someone, at least I hope you are!

You can do anything you set your mind to, and it could be great! It can be great! Just get up and go do it. Don't take anything for granted! This little life of ours is great and we should be happy with just being alive. Never mind material things, they are great and all but, you are more important. Work on you, work for you!

It's sad that we put a lot of effort into something that only brings us temporary joy. It's sad that most of us don't think about ourselves (our inner selves) until it's too late. We can't turn back the clock! Remember yesterday? Yeah, well it's gone! Only a memory that we can keep! Break out of your shell and become the person you always wanted to be! The one you are too afraid to ask for permission to be! You don't need permission from anybody to be you!

I say fuck what everyone else thinks. They don't have to live with you. They don't have to walk in your shoes! You do and why not make that walk as comfortable as possible? Two things to remember today! Fuck what people think of you! Be the person you want to be! The universe doesn't care! Johnny B. Truant taught me that!