In a perfect world, everyone is happy and doing what they love. They wake up and pop out of bed without second thoughts of skipping work or feelings of dread! We do the things we love and dream about doing all day! There is never any complaining, ever! Everyone gets along and enjoy cooking out and having the time of their lives! In a perfect world, everything seems to go our way! In a perfect world!

But, in the reality we live in, I'm sorry to say, it isn't so perfect. Hardly anyone gets along. If they do, it’s because one of them isn’t being who they want to be. They are wearing a mask if you will! We don't do what we love because we don't know how to do what we love! We boast about it all day and never do a damn thing. And yet, we know how to make other people money! We wake up and force ourselves out of bed to make other people money. We want to skip work every day but we can't because the money we make other people has to pay us too. We dread work and life every day and yet we don't do anything about it. Well, except maybe complain to our spouses, brothers, mothers, and just about everybody else! Then in return, we hear others complain! What a life full of complainers! Like we don't know how to do anything about it! Not so perfect is it?

We could make money for ourselves! It’s really simple, isn’t it? We could still work for someone while we're building that empire we so dearly want! Motivating ourselves to wake up and pop out of bed because every free moment counts towards our future. The future we want! The future that we dream of, that’s meant to be! We do not want to waste one fucking minute of doing what we love! Creating the shit we create because our lives depend on us, not anyone else, US! We know deep down that that’s where we belong! So, let’s make a life we don't want to skip out of! Never dreading a moment of the rest of our lives because we get to do what we want. Doesn't sound so distant after all, that perfect world!

All that's needed is to change the way we look at the world. Once we've done that the world as we know it will change. Stop looking at the could-haves and the should-haves and do something about your life. Stop looking at the negatives in every moment and look at the positives. Stop sitting around and get up and do something! Be the person you always wanted to be. Do not worry about what your neighbors think! Fuck them, they aren’t doing anything! Are they? Go build a fence and give them the finger! No don’t but you get the point! There is a perfect world if you want to create it. It starts with you and it'll end where you want it to, the perfect world!