We’ve all reached that moment, the moment when everything seems to have fallen apart. Nothing is going the way it should be. Everything is out of order, scattered all over the place and everyone is looking at you. What do you do in the moment of chaos?


Take it well. I handle those chaotic moments better than most. The one thing that I do in those moments is I remind myself that an hour from then, tomorrow maybe, or even next week, it will not be like this. I look toward the future because in the future those moments are already over.

When my daughter, Keish, tripped on her untied shoelaces (her first pair of laced shoes, which were converses) and hit her forehead on the coffee table, my wife, Marie, grabbed her up, quickly. She brought her to me, shocked, Marie thought that Keish had bit her own tongue off, luckily that wasn’t the case. I didn’t freak myself out or dig up any negative thoughts about it. I just calmly cleaned up the area and took a Doctor’s approach and gave my diagnosis. She needed medical attention, promptly. We took her to the emergency room where they did the unthinkable, they glued the opening on her forehead shut. All is good today even with the tattoo (scar) reminder on her head. Funny thing is, I have a similar looking scar on my forehead. Looks like I found another hereditary curse (another story there).

In the moment of chaos, the best thing to do is to be calm. If you were to freak-out like most people do, then everyone around you will begin to freak. Take charge and handle the situation well because 9 times out of 10, it’s not as bad as it looks.

To keep calm, think about tomorrow, how the moment you are in will be over. Thinking about the future can help you solve your chaotic problems too. You will be able to see things as already over, already complete. Looking at the future will help you to know that everything is going to be all right. You’ll see that your daughter didn’t bite her own tongue off, you’ll see that with a little glue you can heal the wound. You’ll learn to make sure your kids have their shoes tied before walking around in them. You’ll learn that mistakes do happen and a lesson is learned.

Yeah, I’m saying you can leave the moment of chaos long enough to figure out your next move. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone will go through a moment as chaotic as what happen to me, or even worse. Just remember to look to the future and you’ll be okay. No one can take that from you, not even the chaos that encircles you. Know that tomorrow or next week and maybe even an hour from then, things will be different, that things will be okay. I’m not calling you or anybody a psychic or anything like that, I’m just saying, take yourself out of the moment and figure out your next move. That way, you’ll be calmer because you'll know what you should be doing.