Many times we mistakenly think that the grass may be greener on the other side. That having someone else’s life would be better. Having tons of money in the bank will make us happier. Living one way compared to another. It’s never that way and we can be sure it’s only an illusion. There are cause and effects that go with any circumstance, every choice you make. Those moments when you can’t have your cake and eat it too.


I read a short story once that went something like this,

The guy in the Lamborghini wishes he had a helicopter, the guy in the Volvo wishes he had the Lamborghini, the guy in a new car wishes he had the Volvo, the guy in the old car wishes he had a new car, the guy on the bicycle wishes he could afford a car, the guy walking wishes he had a bicycle, the kid in the wheelchair wishes he could walk.

We all want something someone else has thinking the grass is greener but in reality, everybody wants the next best thing. Having a bike will not solve the problems in your life. Having a new car will not solve the problems in your life. Having a different house will not solve your problems. Wanted this or that is not going to solve anything, it will just lead to something else and the story never ends.

Here is another story that I think fits in,

Because of the nail, the shoe was lost, because of the shoe, the horse was lost, because of the horse, the battle was lost, because of the battle, the kingdom was lost, because of the kingdom, the king was lost, all for the lack of a horseshoe nail.

Remember the nail is needed, it’s what holds everything together. What do I mean? The grass is never greener on the other side, because the nail isn’t there, either. When you find the nail, which is, knowing and wanting what you have now. It’s the most important thing in your life. Your family, your house, your car, job, shoe, it all needs a place in your life. It all has a purpose and having the need to have the next best thing will never go away. Just know that and use that as the nail that holds everything together. If you give up what you have for another item or another car and if the car doesn’t hold together, you’ll regret getting another car. Don’t suffer and forget about the new car or house or boat or helicopter and remember someone wishes they have what you have. Someone is wishing they could at least walk because they think if they could walk they could go anywhere. When in reality, your choices are what get you where you want to go.

The grass isn’t greener and the man in the helicopter wishes he has something better. Know that the nail is needed. Know that someone somewhere has it worse. Know that the next best shoe isn’t going to solve your problem, it may even be the reason you lose your kingdom. Think about those things when you want to complain because of something you don’t have. The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it need’s to be mowed too.