Learn how to do what you want and do that for the rest of your life. If you're hungry enough and want to change your life, then learn to change it. Wake up and do things differently. Feed your hunger the knowledge it needs to thrive. Ask yourself if what you are doing is getting the results you want! Is it? If it is, do that for the rest of your life or until you’ve reached the point in your life where you are where you want to be. But, I suggest you keep moving, stay hungry, learn something new.

I believe in learning something new and at the same time, I believe in relearning something old. This keeps your mind sharp. Who doesn’t want to be sharp? You will always have problems and you will always get through your problems. Don’t give up too easily because if you do you’ll never make it to where you want to be. Learn and relearn and move on. Make the most of everything you learn because at first there is nothing like it. Bad or good. In all your struggles, you’ll get used to it because life goes on, regardless. Study more and harder, the sooner the better, that’s what makes you stronger.

You have to keep up with the times because what worked 80 years ago, doesn’t work today. If you don’t think some information will benefit you, don’t throw it out the window, consider it. Ask for help even if you’re trying to be as independent as you can, especially if you think you could use the help. Asking for help is not a weakness, it’s one of the strongest abilities you could have. You cannot learn without the help from someone else. You don’t begin to walk without the help of someone else, so don’t give up before you start -- ask for help!

Share your knowledge because when sharing what you know, you reaffirm your knowledge. Teaching others helps you understand the information you teach as well. Light bulbs begin to light up in your head because you can find new ways to work your knowledge into something beautifully that’ll click in the minds of others. The ones you teach or help or share, whatever you want to call it, will be your best teachers. Everyone we encounter in our lives is our teachers. We learn something from everyone around us. I learned to be a father by being a father to my daughter, who just so happens to be the best teacher for the job.

Who are some of your best teachers? I bet you never thought about people being your teachers, especially your kids. They do train us well, don’t they? Some of our best taught moments are those we want to forget and rightfully so, you’ve learned something that will stick with you forever. I’ve been there many times and I realized things about myself that today guide my being.

It’s worth repeating that everyone we encounter in our lives is a teacher of some sort. They teach us something whether they or we know it. Even complete strangers teach us something, how to drive or more importantly how not to! Teach someone something, let them teach you something. Teach me something, Teacher!


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