Most of us don't know what we are doing. We get in line and wait our turn just like the sheep we are! We don't ask questions and sometimes we don't even know why we are in line! Who is your master? Surely you’re not thinking for yourself, are you? Take responsibility and think for yourself!

Have you ever asked yourself why you want the things you want? If you did, I'd bet the answer would be because everyone else has it. Everyone else has the iPhone, so I want one! Everyone else has the newest car so I want one. Everyone else has the new watch so I want one. Everyone else is jumping off a bridge, are you? Take responsibility and think for yourself! Fuck no, because then you couldn’t complain about not having that new iPhone or that new car! Even on your death bed, you’ll be screaming EVERYONE ELSE HAS A LIFE, I WANT ONE! You know, I had a boss one time that defined people as cattle. He told me that if a tree fell on the road everyone would pile up and look at it, no one would move it or go around it! Are you fucking hamburger meet?

Take Responsibility and Think for Yourself!

Life is a beautiful thing, and the shit we acquire while our life moves forward is meaningless! What should matter most is family and friends. If you could just have one person, place or thing before you died! Or as you are dying, what would it or where would it or who would it be? Ask yourself that question! Oh, and, be honest with yourself! Who are you kidding! Remember your integrity! I bet the answer will scare the hell out of you! You’ll have to dig deep down, though, deep into your heart lies the answer to it all! When we are gone we can't take anything with us, not even our life. Gone being dead! Dead being no longer wanting what everyone else has, except life so figure it out!

No longer do we need to run around like sheep or chickens with no head! Just step out of line and take a look at all the other assholes and ask questions! Questions like, why are we here? Where do I want to be? How is standing in this line with all these sheep going to get me what I want? Don't be a sheep, be a wolf or at least figure out how and why! If you still aren’t able to answer those questions then maybe sheep-land is for you! Maybe you can’t be anything more than a simple little fur baby waiting in line for your Shepherd! It’s the way the lord wanted us anyway, right? The lord is my Shepherd I shall not want, I have everything I need! You can’t rightfully say that because you want the new iPhone or the new car! You have everything you need except for figuring out that you have everything you need! Take responsibility and think for yourself!

When your back is up against the wall and it appears that there is nothing you can do, look within yourself! Think! In there somewhere you'll find what matters the most to you. All your deepest thoughts are what control your most passionate feelings. Deep within our heart sits our desires. Those feelings are what life is all about. Life is the most amazing thing we are all given and we all take it for granted! Like we get unlimited lives! We are not cats with 9 lives people!

Being cornered will help open up what you're passionate about and help you become the person you should be. I know what you’re asking yourself right now! What the fuck does being cornered mean? If you’ve reached a time in your life that it seems you can’t go anymore – that’s being cornered! It doesn't take much to bring you to a state of awareness after that point! It's just going to be very uncomfortable at first. Once it's all said and done and everything is over, you'll never regret it. You'll be the person you always dreamed of being. I'm not just blowing smoke and giving you shit! I'm turning this “shit” into smoke and blowing it your way. Inhale or walk away, it doesn't matter to me as long as you’re taking responsibility and thinking for yourself.

Those of you who do inhale these words and use them to benefit your lives, I applaud you! You are going to go and do great things. You have taken control of your life and are now the master! Great things are in your future because of what you do, not because of what you try to do! You are absolutely amazing and deserve what you get. We all do, whether we want it or not! Karma is a bitch but karma is getting what you ask for! Ask for the life you want and accept your responsibilities!

If you do decide to just walk away and stick with what you know and can settle for what you have now – more power to ya! But you’re going to miss the opportunities that await you in pushing forward. Those opportunities that guide the rest of us and depending on what your plan is things could change the world not only for you but for those around you! That’s the greatest thing in the world I think – changing someone else’s world because you’ve decided to change yours.

I changed my world by inhaling all the great things I could teach or allow someone to feed me. I’m hungry right along with you guys! I started really pouring my heart and soul into this writing thing. It’s nothing new to me but I have never been as passionate about it as I am today! When I shared it with my family and they’ve used it and are motivated by it – it’s what it all boils down to – helping people. Writing really is a stress reliever! Inhale some good words today and stop living on the outside of the life you want! Write your goals down and inhale and continue on! Be the person you always wanted to be – not a sheep! Take control of your life and think for yourself!

The search for wisdom is never too far away! The lord has programmed us all with the wisdom that is needed to succeed at anything!

People disagree that they can control their own lives and do what it is they want to do. That is why they must eat the bitter fruit of living their own way! They must experience the full terror of the path they have chosen. Yes, that is from Proverbs chapter 1 verse 31. That is truth being spoken and yet we don't listen!

We are full of knowledge and yet we don’t know anything. It’s beautiful isn’t it – our stupidity! No joke, we can have everything in our dreams and desires, we can have everything we ever wanted. We just have to go get it! Make it happen even when everyone keeps telling us we can’t. We just need guidance and maybe a little nudge! That nudge has to come from within you, though! You have to find something to motivate you! What’s your motivator? My family is my motivator! No more negativity, none! I’ve taken responsibility and I am thinking for myself and moving my family into what we deserve!

When you know where to look, you will find the right course of action every time! The bible speaks a lot of truth and wisdom but we put it away for simple-minded things. The facts are in front of us and fed to us in spoonfuls but we don't swallow, we don't eat! Instead, we starve ourselves and die from regret! Don’t live in regret because you are scared of being great, in fear of doing something great! A pat on the back is nothing compared to changing the world, that’s something! We cannot depend on our own understanding. We have to have some type of guide to push ourselves in the right direction! Find your guide, a bible, a person, or your guide could be you all you have to do is, think for yourself!

Happy is the person who finds wisdom and gains understanding. It's all from the bible I tell ya, but you don't listen, you're not hearing me! Don't take my word for it, look it up! Do your own search and find the understanding you need to better your life. I've been on this mission to better people when I noticed things being too negative. The thoughts that are on people's minds are keeping them down. We are poor and to be rich you have to understand! Understand that your thoughts are what control’s your reality! Understand that taking responsibility will change our lives!

Jesus spoke with authority every time he said anything. He knew all the secrets to living in heaven. By heaven, I mean your thoughts. He was rich, this Jesus! He knew how to talk to himself and by doing so – he was able to help much more people! When he healed the sick he did it with faith. Because of your faith, you are healed! If you just believe in yourself you can do great things! You can do whatever your soul desires and, you can have anything you want! There are no limits to what you can do when you know you are in control! Your richness is with you all the time waiting on you to “make it rain” so do something with it!

Letting go of the life you’ve been living is hard. It’s hard because that life is all you know. This life is what you’ve been living for the best part of your life! Now, it’s time to create another best part of your life! You know what you want to do! You talked about it for years. How you want to buy that over the road truck! How you want to buy those rent houses to make an extra income! It’s there, the “what you want,” you just need to act on it! Stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen. It’s entirely up to you!

Every moment wasted is another moment of regret! Every hour you sit around watching television builds hours of regret! I know you don’t want to feel this regret, and you will, but you can get up and do something. Stop wasting your money on the things that are not moving you forward, there is a time to rest, but that time isn’t until you’ve reached your goals. I hear you, hell, everyone around you hears you! We can’t make it happen for you, only you can do that! YOU “CAN” DO THAT! It just starts with getting up and doing it, taking responsibility and thinking correctly!

Once you’ve started making your goals and dreams a reality, you’ll start feeling different. A good different! You’ll get to the point to where you feel so good you don’t want to relax or sit around! You will have so much energy, you’ll be unstoppable! No joke! At this point, you will want to keep going and going and going and “the energizer bunny!” Craziness, right? It is, and it will be because you’re doing what you been talking about for years! Things are great on the other side, believe me! I’m up writing before doing anything else, except for coffee, of course! But, I’m writing and it’s beautiful! I know no one is reading it but, hey, I’m writing!

Sometimes it takes surrounding yourself with motivators. These motivators don't have to be people! You could use whatever you want. An example would be books, lots and lots of books! I surround myself with my books. They help! I’ve read them and sat them in places I could see at a glance. When I look at the cover, I remember what’s in there, and I sit up and carry on! A prime example of a book that I’ve read and sat in place is Jeff Goins’s “The Art of Work!” or the book by Malcolm Gladwell called “The Tipping Point!” These are the books that help motivate me to write!

Let’s stop talking about doing something and just go and do it. Stop talking about writing 500 plus words a day and just do it! Stop counting every keystroke and just write! Go and buy that over the road truck and start making money! Get those rent house bought and rented! Make your extra income. Write your books! Build a strong foundation for your empire. Don’t sit around waiting on it to happen, because it never will, until you make it happen! Until you take responsibility and think for yourself! Show the world you’re not just a talker, a dreamer, you’re a doer!

It starts with responsibilities. You have to own your bad decisions, your mistakes, any and all the bad situations you control. Ownership is leadership!

Success is found in the face of adversity. Every mistake we make is an opportunity to learn something. An opportunity to grow our knowledge and become a better person, a smarter person – the student becomes the teacher! There are people that don’t make mistakes and they also know everything! Don’t you love those people? I bet you do! Sarcasm! Those loony people never accept responsibility and never learn anything! How can you learn if you don’t first empty your cup?

Life is full of adversities, so full that they happen every day and even every second. Someone somewhere is experiencing some form of misfortune. Death, being one of those hardships, is unavoidable when it’s your turn. Face every day head on and don’t let any regret consume you or hold you down! You never know when your time is up! It’s sad but true! Own your adversities, be human!

You could get fired from your job tomorrow for something you shouldn’t be doing or for something you should be! Whether you do or not depends on your attitude towards ownership of your mistakes. Remember your integrity! What’s integrity? It’s doing what’s right even when no one is watching! What are you doing? Is it against your morals? What are the principles you live by? Everyone makes bad decisions! It’s human nature for us to fuck up every now and again! It’s how you deal with the outcome of those bad decisions that makes all the difference in your life.

Know that our fuck-ups can make things difficult for others. We have to show remorse for our wrongdoing. We don’t want to leave the problem we caused in the hands of others. We must take it and if possible fix the problem! We can have regret but don’t live with it, live with your responsibilities! Show you care because we all know deep down, you do care!

It’s human to make mistakes! It’s human to take life by the balls even in the tough times. It’ll show your true character when you take the blame even if all the blame isn’t yours to take. Leaders take the blame! Own it and move on! Mishaps will happen, hell, they happen to me all the time while I’m writing. Doesn’t bother me, I’m only human! I accept that I screwed things up and continue on. I learn and relearn!

Moral of the story is to own your mistakes. Everybody makes them and it takes real integrity to own up and continue to lead! Life goes on until it doesn’t. Live your life to the fullest and don’t dwell on your bad decisions. Keep your head up and say, yeah, I fucked up but you know I learned something too. Because that’s how you learn! You fall off the bicycle but you get up and go again! We grow into the person we were born to be. Own your adversities and be yourself while doing so!