You think you can do something and you will. You think you can’t and you won’t. When we set our minds to something, we figure out how to make it happen. Sometimes, just us talking about it get’s it done.


When I was 15 I talked about how I was going to have a blue Chevy Silverado. I just loved how those trucks looked. Keep in mind that was back in 1998 or so. I wanted that Chevy truck so bad I would imagine I had it already. I dreamed about how it was too look, dark blue, tinted windows, nice chrome rims, dropped. Yes, I really was dreaming. I never got the windows tinted or nice chrome rims I enjoyed and I never got it dropped. I did, however, get the dark blue Chevy Silverado. I say I did but to be honest my wife saw the truck before I did. She said, didn’t you say you wanted a blue Chevy? Well, yes I did. Turns out the truck I’ve been waiting about 12 years for was sitting in the back of a car lot. I test drove that truck, then said to the car dealer, “I WANT IT!” The next day I went to pick up the truck, it was gone. The dealer tried to get me to buy a Dodge that day. I stood my ground. I want the Chevy! Okay, Chris, the truck will be back tomorrow, it was loaned out today. I smiled and said see you tomorrow.

I have that blue Chevy today. I got the truck because I set my mind to having one. It may have taken about 12 years but I have it today. I talked about having one for the longest time. I never applied the action to the thought but my wife did. She acted upon my own thoughts. She knew I wanted one and she helped make it happen.

Remember to take action when you think of something you want or want to do. Nothing is going to happen without action. You can sit on your couch all day long and tell yourself you’re going to the store but if you don’t get up and go, you’ll never go. Words are just words unless someone takes action.

Do you think an entrepreneur just sits around talking about building a business? No, they have to put in action too or they wouldn’t be an entrepreneur.

A car cannot go anywhere without fuel or someone taking action.

A light will not burn without power, turn on the light.

A book doesn’t read itself, so, read it!

Speaking of a book, I need to finish the one I’m reading. It’s George Orwell’s, 1984, “with connections!” I need to take action or it will never get read by me. I see so many people, myself included, that talk about doing great things and half the time they are not doing anything to make it happen. It’s sad, really, because we are capable of great things and we know it. But we let fear and fear alone hold us back. Fuck fear, go be great! Take Action Today!