I know you woke up this morning not giving a damn about nobody but yourself. You got up out of bed and was focused only on what to wear. You looked in the mirror thinking about how you looked. You walked out the door leaving everything you love behind you. You spent the day working on and for you.

We get so busy with OUR lives that we forget the reasons we exist. We forget the reasons we do the things we do. So lost in our own little worlds that we miss that others are hurting. Hurting for our attention. Actually starving for our attention. They just want us to notice them. I'm here, they are saying. But we are here too only not focused on anything but ourselves. You're asked to enjoy some time together, but the whole time you're somewhere else. Be Present.

Let's stop. Gather our thoughts. Remember why we do the things we do. Go to those who are starving for our attention and hug them. Tell them you love them. Don't expect anything in return. I love you is all they want to hear. I love you is all they want you to show them. Love them so they feel your love, not your back. Not your closed door. Not the clothes that are left in the dirty hamper. Not the sweat you left on the mirror. Not the bed you left unmade. Not the picture that hangs on the wall. Not the image you've created. YOU! The you that they first saw. The eyes that once loved them. The you that you see in the mirror. The arm that once held them. The love of their life. The ME!