I love telling stories of how things happen for a reason. I know everything is written the way it supposed to be. You are on the path you are chosen for, even if it’s the path you don’t want. The end game is always ahead of you. You are who you are so that someone else could be who they are and vice-versa.


My mother met my father so that I could be born. Yes, I know that’s obvious but if they wouldn’t have met, I wouldn’t be me. My wife and daughter wouldn’t be here and you, you wouldn’t be here reading this. The little things in life make a big difference in our future. People struggle every day and blame others for their problems not realizing that it is them who can control their struggles. You have to work to make money to pay your bills to live. It’s crazy how little things make the world go round. It reminds me of the butterfly effect. My own personal butterfly flying around changing my life in little fragments here and there.

I have a father but he has never been around. I did spend some time with him when I was 15, only a month or so. I learned a lot while there. How people can change in an instant, how nothing is what it seems. How lying and stealing can get you far but the end game isn’t so great - prison. I learned a lot from my father, but I didn’t learn anything at all. I learned what not to do as a father and that helps me today. Thanks, Dad. I learned that an old man can sit and drink all day from the time he got up until the time he went to bed - and not get drunk. I learned how colors made a real difference in neighborhoods around Texas and wearing the wrong color could get you in deep trouble. I learned that people are selfish and at times downright mean.

I told you that to tell you this. Your life could be going in one direction and then because of a simple mistake, change the course of your life and the lives of those around you. You can blame it on whoever you want, it’s you who truly hold the blame because you are the holder of your destiny. You make the choices to be who you are. You make the choice to pick up a gun and shoot someone. You make the choice to steal a car. You make the choice to make the choices you make create the reality you live that may affect the lives of those around you. The same goes with people around you. They may make choices that affect your life. Your boss could decide not to use you anymore. Are you making the right choices? Does it even matter what choices you make? We all know our life is preplanned! Or do we know anything at all?

Answer those questions and get back to me.

The earth is a little planet and we are less than a speck of dirt on a speck of dirt in the universe. We spend time blaming others for the choices we make. If we are going to blame them, we also need to thank them too. Wake up and take responsibility for your choices and accept the blame - no one else will!


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