Let’s just give up and throw in the towel! Have you ever felt that way? I’m sure you have.

Sometimes we spend our days working toward our goals and at the end of the each day, when we realize we didn’t reach the moment we were looking for, we just want to give up. We got close, it was tough and we just don’t want to continue on, but, we don’t want to give it up completely, either. Or do we? Damn, we should have been done yesterday, right?

We continue on and on, each and every day begins to run together and we are tired, but we really want it so we keep going. Are we crazy? Isn’t doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result the mere definition of insanity? Sure it is, but we are told the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West when in reality the Earth is simply rotating, the Sun is not rising or setting at all. So, getting up and doing what you love over and over, day in and day out, isn’t insanity, it’s life. It’s watching the Earth rotate while everyone else is watching the Sunrise. It’s knowing who you are when everyone else is still searching for themselves.

If you have a problem and think about giving up, then you need to fix the problem, not run from it. Maybe there isn’t a problem at all, maybe you just need to look at what you are doing from a different angle. Step back and see the forest, nevermind the trees. Your heart is going to ache - that’s a given. So what!? Keep doing what you love, keep banging out content and the world will eventually listen. Remember, people are like cattle, drop a tree on their path and they’ll pay attention because they need guidance. If you are able to conquer your goals and you’re able to share the details of how you removed the tree, people will listen. Just shine the light and their eyes will open, their problems will lead them to an answer and if you’re good enough or better yet if you lead the way, they’ll follow. You have to be the person who has the drive to make things happen to continue even when you want to quit! Quitting isn’t the answer and it will not solve anything, it’ll just make you feel worse! You don’t want to leave what you love sitting there, even putting your love on the back burner is not going to help. You’ll have to carry on and break the walls that you’re trying to build and say, NO! You will not give up and you will not throw in the towel! You will lead and follow your lead!

Take charge of your struggles today, right now, and keep shining the light in the darkest corners of your life. Don’t let that ol’ devil get you down because the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want, I have everything I need - carry on with changing the word - your world! Jesus carried the weight of the world on his shoulders so that you wouldn’t have to. Jesus forgave our sins before we’ve acted on them. It’s not going to kill you to accept the things you cannot change. It’s not going to kill you to carry on. Stop complaining because, someone, somewhere, has it worse. Got it?

There is someone wishing they had what you have, right this moment. Kids are starving and you are complaining because your burger isn’t correct! There is a kid who would love to have the crumbs you just flipped in the floor when unwrapped that burger. That kid as it worse! Someone somewhere has it worse. Think about your actions and respect the ones who need the things you complain about. Think about giving up and remember, someone-always-has-it-worse!


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