When my daughter was born I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It was the most amazing thing in the world. Watching the birth of your child is something I recommend every man to do. I couldn’t believe how she just unwrapped before my eyes. I smiled a true smile of happiness at that moment. It was also at that moment I begin questioning if I could do it? If I could raise a child? If I could carry her safely?


Life changing times always spark questions of what if. What if I can’t do this? What if they hate me? What if something happens and I can’t handle it? What if I carry her and drop her? How could I live with myself if I let anything bad happen to her? These question popped in my head and yet what if my life is wonderful because of these moments? What if I succeed and she loves me forever? What if I could carry her forever?

It’s been just over 7 years since the birth of my daughter. Time has flown by! Where oh where as the time gone? 7 years and I’m still learning to be a parent. Our kids are our best teachers. They are also our back breakers. At 7 years old my daughter want’s me to carry her. I tell her I can not carry her, “you are 7 years old, you’re too big to be carried!” Plus, I don’t want to break my back. Or do I? Because in another 7 years I’ll be wishing I could carry her. I’ll be wishing she’ll break my back because I picked her up and carried her when she wanted. I’ll be wishing she loved me like I want her to.

From birth, we are cursed to worry and stress about our children for life. We worry they are not going to be happy. We stress that they won’t get what they set out for. We don’t want them to make mistakes although we know they’ll learn from them. At the toddler stage, we watch them fall and bang their little heads on coffee tables, we carry them around the world showing them life’s beauty. They show us a different world, a world where the edge of a seat is the only place to find us. At the edge is where they’ll keep us until we no longer are able to watch them. Then it’s their turn to watch us. It’s their turn to keep us from falling off the edge.

7 years is a long time and yet it’s not that long at all. Time passes one second at a time. We forget that all the times we spend not giving our family the attention they deserve is the time we will never get back. When we don’t carry our kids at the times we are able to, we’ll regret it later in life. We’ll regret it because one day we’ll want to carry them but we will not have the strength to do so.

Carry your kids, because one day you’ll wish you did.

I don’t know why I begin writing this. I truly don’t. But I was thinking, my daughter, she asked me to carry her into the restaurant today. I told her, no, she is too old to be carried. Then later I was thinking that one day, I’ll want to carry her and can’t. It’s sad, really. So with that, carry your kids because one day you’ll want to but your body will not allow it. Your babies will always be your babies, no matter their age or size. You’ll always be their parent, no matter your age or size. They’ll always want you to carry them, no matter your age or size. And you’ll always regret not carrying them, no matter your age or size. Happiness is doing what you want without anyone or anything holding you back.

Remember the what if’s? What if you could carry your kids? Would you tell them no because they are too old?


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