Nothing in life is random, but everything appears to be so. The smallest change that lies around the corner can alter our lives and change our future, forever.

When I was 15, I lived with my Uncle Richie in a small town in Oklahoma. I went to school for four hours a day at an alternative school. I smoked cigarettes. I got tattoos. I had two girlfriends. I thought I was living a happy life, then all that changed.

My mother had decided she wanted me to be home with her - not that she didn’t want me to begin with - just that she wanted me closer to her, period. So, I moved in with her and her boyfriend to Texas. The town in Texas was just across the Oklahoma border and is named Powderly. It’s so small that you wouldn’t even know it was there if you didn’t notice the one convenient store when driving passed it. Anyhow, here I am, in the small town Powderly, with nothing to do but ride a skateboard that didn’t even belong to me.

I would ride that skateboard down to and around the little Elementary - and only - school in town. On one of my daily trips down to the school to ride and do tricks in which I thought I was great at but I really wasn’t at all, and that still holds true today, I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. I remember telling myself, then, that I was going to marry her. She was mowing her front yard in some cut-off pants that were cut to her buttocks. I will never forget that feeling I had, as if I just saw my soul-mate for the very first time, ever.

Call it a premonition or intuition, but I did marry that girl four years later. We are still married today going on 14 years, and we have together, a beautiful little 6-year young girl. Who, if I might add, understands life better than we did growing up. Yeah, I know, every crow thinks theirs is the blackest.

These random moments in our lives are what make our lives worth living years later. If without the randomness of life we would be on a straight line to death. The chaotic world we live gives our lives meaning. Just because you struggle today, doesn’t mean tomorrow will be a struggle too. The best chance we have is to embrace the difficult moments in our life and know that tomorrow, next week, or even ten years from then, life will be because of that very random moment.

It’s hard to understand that life will carry on when we have difficult times in our lives. It’s hard to see through those moments and know that we will be okay. It’s also in those difficult moments that we truly live in the moment. That’s when life slows down and we can harness the energy of living in that moment because usually, we live life too fast. If we could just teach ourselves to live each moment as if it was the last moment of our lives, we would all be happier in this chaotic world.

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