Open your eyes the answers are right in front of you! You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Many times I've seen people learn something they want to learn. They dreamed about it for a week after they learned this new information, whatever it may be. Then they don't do anything with it. If it can benefit you in any way, especially bettering yourself. You are a damn fool if you don't invest in it. Profit from it!

It's like getting new glasses. You wear them and you see better. And yet you don't wear them and complain that you can't see. Fuck! Put your glasses on! Problem solved. But your glasses make your head hurt. That's a temporary pain for a clearer future. Literally!

Stop complaining when the answers to solve all your problems are right in front of you. If you're thirsty, drink! If you're hungry, eat! If you can't see, get glasses and put them damn things on! If you think you are, you're right! If you think you are not, you are right! You can think yourself into the nut house or you can think yourself into the White House! The thoughts belong to you!

I can write all this motivational bullshit and give it to you for FREE until my fingers bleed. It's up to you on how you implement it into your daily lives. Execute it, people! Open your mind's eye!