At birth, we are born screaming out of the one mouth God has given us. And with the two ears we have, we hear the strange sounds that no longer come from outside our mother’s belly, but within our new world. Everything is new and our old world is gone. We develop in the womb and grow in a strange world. The world we only begin to know and understand before we are born into another new world. It sounds like life is birth and then death, but it is so much more.


I mentioned one mouth and two ears because I want you to understand something. And that something is that we were created that way for a reason. God wants us to listen more that we speak. It’s a 2 to 1 ratio. Listen more than speak, Love more than hate, and more importantly, because it’s the only way we can do those former things, live more than dying. When we truly live we cannot not be happy. Happiness is the reason we were created in the first place. God wanted us to be like him for whatever reason that may be - I think only for happiness. Why not live a life of happiness when happiness is a choice. Our world was given to us by our creator and there is no reason to hate it. You only hate what you don’t like and you don’t like what you don’t understand and that doesn’t make you happy. Learn the world as it is, as it was created. If you can’t find any happiness in the world, then create it. Do what make you happy. Death doesn’t make you happy, does it? Surely not! If you think dying will make you happy, ask the last person that died if they are happy. Oh, wait! You can’t because there is no emotion in death. Everything that made them happy died with them. Don’t let your happiness die until you no longer have a choice.

Life is so much more than the few moments we live. Life isn’t life until death takes it toll. When death begins to creep up on us we experience life in fragments of time. We talk about our childhood and all the happy moments we’ve experienced. We question what this life is for? There are so many unanswered questions that we’ll never get an answer for. Dreams we may or may not have reached. Hugs we should have given. A missed opportunity we should have taken. The should haves begin beating us into submission. Regret overpowers our stamina and we weep, but only on the inside. We don’t want our love ones to know we regret so much. We die and everyone says we looked so peaceful - if only they knew.

Get up now and live the life you want. Energize yourself with the love of your relationships - family and friends. Answer the phone when your kids call, no matter what you’re doing. Love like you's never loved before. Find the answer to the questions you tend to ask yourself. How come I don’t like flying? Hell, I’ve never flown before so how do I KNOW I don’t like flying? I don’t know and won’t know until I fly. Get the answers, the true answers, not the made up ones. Hug your family and love one another because you just never know. Anything can happen at any moment. Don’t live with regret and more importantly don’t die with it. God let Adam experience loneliness before he created Eve. If you were meant to be alone God wouldn’t have created the emotion of loneliness. NO REGRETS! Live as if today is your last day because tomorrow we’ll be born again.