You've heard it all before. How Jesus healed the sick and gave sight to the blind! He has forgiven those you trespassed against him. We all can agree he was a good man! Is a good man. The second son of God! We pray to him almost daily right? But does he really heal? Or does he show you how to heal?

It's all there in the bible. Tales of healing and forgiving. Parable after parable. Time and time again we hear stories of healing even in today's world. Is Jesus still with us? Still healing the sick? Is it all in our heads? I think so. Maybe I'm wrong but hear me out. I'll tell the story from Mark chapter 5 verse 24-34.

When a woman thought to herself, If I can touch his clothing, I will be healed. His Clothing! Not Jesus, but his clothing she would be healed—she believed! Immediately after touching Jesus's clothing, her twelve-year hemorrhage stop bleeding and she felt healed! It didn't wait until the next day or a week later, it was right then. NOW! She felt healed! No bleeding, none!

Jesus realized that the healing power had gone out from him. He felt the power of healing leave him, so he asked the crowd, "Who touched my clothes?" not who touched me, but "Who touched my clothes?"

The woman revealed herself, she was in shock at what had happened to her, she went to Jesus and told him what she had done. "Jesus, I have touched your clothes because I believed it would heal me!" And Jesus told her, "Because of your faith, you are healed!"

Because of your faith, you are healed. Because she believed, she was healed. Her twelve-year hemorrhage gone. She is a brand new person as you could be too! All you have to do is believe and it'll be so. Have faith in yourself and you will be healed! Jesus heals, but he also shows us we can heal!

Believe in yourself when you want to move forward in life. Believe in yourself when you think everything isn't going your way. Believe Jesus! He says we can heal. Have faith and you will be where and who you want to be!

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