I don’t know what your passion is but I know I love to write. Actually, to be truly honest, I love to think. Writing is just how I release my thoughts, I “write” them down. I enjoy a wide range of things, thinking and writing tops the list, by far. Let’s get to what brought you here, to begin with - How to find your professional passion.


Since I don’t know what your passion is, I’m going to be using my passion - writing. Following you’ll find four ingredients I used in finding my professional passion. Your professional passion is sitting within you waiting to be released, or maybe you just need a tune up. Here you go!

1. Be aware of what you love to do?

I started writing when I was a kid, I wrote poems, small stories, and even songs. I once thought I was going to be a rapper. I got over it in my later teen years. However, I didn’t stop thinking, nor did I stop writing. I gave up the dream of being a rapper and decided I’d rather share my thoughts whether they made sense or not. One of the ingredients of finding your professional passion is to be aware of what you love to do. Just because I love to write doesn’t make it a professional passion for me, unless I doing something to make it that way. I’m aware that I love to write and I’m aware that I can make it a profession if I make the right moves. I could give it away and it would be just a passion or I could sell some and it becomes a professional passion.

2. Why are you passionate about your passion?

By writing I get to share my thoughts with the world, or whoever takes the time to read them. I write because it clears my mind and allows other thoughts to accumulate so that I can write more. When I write I feel like I’m helping someone else be a better person. Helping someone grow into the person they want to be. I write nonfiction most of the time because I think I can be more entertaining when I’m writing from the heart. I want to help people help themselves so they too can help someone else. That’s why I created the motto: To live life with simplicity, to empower friends, family and myself with knowledge known and unknown, to motivate a mind to motivate a mind. The second ingredient to finding your professional passion is to know why you’re passionate about your passion.

3. Learn to grow your passion into a profession.

Learning is a never ending story in anything you do. As a writer or with any profession, you want to keep up with what others are doing and talking about. You want to continue collection information even if you do nothing with it, it’s better to have than not. You could always share your knowledge, especially if you’re a writer, by writing books or articles. There are many ways to grow your passion into a profession. It takes time like with any profession and it will grow as long as you keep feeding it. I write a post for my blog daily, sometimes a few blog post a day. When you can bang out content like it’s nothing then you know that’s your professional passion - keep feeding your passion and it will grow into a profession as long as you’re selling.

4. Know what your motivators are?

When you’re passionate about a particular subject, you can’t stop talking about it. You become obsessed with it. It actually consumes you to the point where you and your passion becomes one. When ask what your motivators are your answer is simple - using your passion for changing the world. It’s so simple to change the world. How? By changing your world first, then helping and showing someone else how to change their world so that they can help and show others. Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime - a Chinese Proverb. I want to be like Jesus and make you fishers of men. That’s my motivation - teaching people so they can teach others - to motivate a mind to motivate a mind.

There you have it, four ingredients to finding your professional passion. Take it as you will and replace writing with your passion. Turn your passion into a profession and become a pro. You don’t need a college degree to change the world, just me...wink!


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