Where is the delete button? Or, better yet, where’s the fast-forward button? If only, if only, we had these special buttons. Just imagine what we would do, the happiness we would feel to delete people or things out of our lives. To fast-forward the moments in our lives we dread. Joy to the world if we had our little delete and fast-forward buttons.


What if I told you that you don’t need those buttons? That those moments we want to delete make us stronger and those moments we want to fast-forward through are there to help us find ourselves. When we are in a tight spot and it seems as if everything is working against us, we figure things out. We become stronger because of our struggles. Those moments we want to fast-forward through carve into our soul the things we do not like. We begin to understand ourselves better.

Being brought into the middle of others people’s dramatic lives will have you looking for your special buttons. When you are surrounded by hell and your blinders aren’t working correctly know that you are about to become a stronger person. After all the drama has passed and you realize that you’ve outlived it, you will be that much more aware. You will know what to look for the next time around. Then, if you see any commonalities in any new situations you can avoid them altogether - now that sounds smart, doesn’t it?

After you’ve found you’re about to enter into something you’ve wished to have a delete button for and are ready to fast-forward, look at it like this.

  1. The problem really isn’t yours to deal with so take in the information that is given and then…
  2. Release the information into the universe and enjoy your freedom.

If you are unclear as to what I’m getting at, let’s simplify it here. When someone is trying to bring their drama into your world in hopes they make their lives easier by making your’s worse, remember to accept the things you cannot change and allow God or the Universe do its magic. The magic formula is Karma, which is another name for God.

Your special buttons are whatever you make them be. You are the sole owner of the choices you make and the guard of the information you let enter your mind. Sometimes our blinders we put up do not work and we seek other sources to release our demons in which people release onto us. We can take on anything as long as we know that if we allow others to control our thoughts, they will. Stand guard, stand your ground and re-release any demons that are passed onto you because someone else cannot handle it. Be strong, use your special buttons. Use your magic. Use-your-mind and never let others belittle you because they think you are emotionally weak. Show your strength in not letting the little things in other people’s lives bother you when you leave them or more likely when you leave their little-minded worlds. Be strong!


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