Every man needs a break and I’m not talking about a Kit-Kat kind of break. Although a Kit-Kat does sound good right now. Anyway, when I say “man” I mean mankind. Men and Women alike need to take a break sometimes. More often than not. We need to get away from our daily lives to break the monotony. The same old routine gets old after a while, we need to step away and take a deep breath.


When we take breaks from our normal routines, we are reminded there is more to live for. There is life out there. Our blinders need to be taken down so that we can see our surroundings. Let the blinders down and look around. Yes, the world is going round and round and you can enjoy the sunsets and sunrises right along with everyone else.

Lots of times in our lives we get to the point where we want to explode. We are like a ticking time bomb ticking away day in and out waiting to blow. When we do blow it’s going to be on the wrong people and then we have to spend time apologizing. We know better. Just step away. Go on a drive. Go be by yourself, get some ME time. That sounds good, don’t it? Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t have personal time. Make an excuse to have time to yourself. You need it and everyone around needs it and they need you to have it.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break sometimes. I did not too long ago. I left work and went for a drive. I ended up at the lake with nothing around me but life - wildlife. It was peaceful and I absolutely needed it. While at the lake I wrote the post The Beauty in The Beast and enjoyed every minute I could soak up. It was beautiful. We all need to step away and see the beauty life has to offer. Most times we get so caught up in our busy worlds we forget we can actually get away and enjoy ourselves. Not all days are created equally so make a switch today and take a break.

After you are well rested you are able to think clearly. You’re able to make better decisions throughout the day. Everyone around you will be happier because you’ll be happier. Some of your best work will be because of the break you took.

So when you are stuck in a rut and just want to get away - go. Get away and take the biggest damn breath you can take. Enjoy yourself like you’ve never done before. Life is too short to be too serious all the time. We all have struggles and hard times. We all have the opportunity to get away and take a break. Let out a scream. Free your lungs and brain at the same time. Take a break because every man needs to take a break.