There is so much shit that we are bombed with every day that keeps us from thinking. Thinking for ourselves. We don't really truly think for ourselves anymore. We are controlled by the media. Whether it social or not. Our thoughts are not our own anymore.

Everybody should think for themselves. Make their own decisions when they want to make them. We are told to go and buy this or that, with the false promise of happiness. Normally it's us who make those false promises. We are telling ourselves, if I had this or that I would be happy. BULLSHIT!

If you have this are that it's only temporary happiness. Tomorrow, it'll be something else, something new you want that'll "make you happy!" No! If you want to be happy, then start with controlling your own thoughts. Define what really makes you happy! A new toaster isn't going to make you happy. Grant it, it'll make your stomach happy!

So, everybody should control their thoughts. If you don't want people coming into your house, you lock the door, right? Then I suggest you lock the door on your mind and have people knock before entering. That way you can control who or what comes in.

Think about that! Think for yourself as everybody should!