You've heard it all your life, keep trying! Don't give up! The problem with "keep trying" is that it's all you'll every do. Try. Get up, try again! Blah! Same old fucking routine! Let's "do" something about it.

We can start with the definitions for try and do. Try, is defined as, to make an attempt to "do" something! Huh? That's got me scratching my head! Do, on the other hand, is to perform! Which is it you want to do? I bet I can guess! Think about a restaurant, they don't it was a pleasure to try and serve you. No! They say it was a pleasure to serve you! They did it!

I say stop trying and get to doing. You can try your hardest and that's all it'll ever be, you've tried your hardest. Let's correct that negative thinking and say, I've done my best! Let's just do! I'm doing it. No matter what it is, do it! Don't try, do! Got it?

Do you see where I'm going here? Yoda said, do or do not, there is not try! I love that little guy! So make up your mind, either do it or don't, fuck trying!