When you want something bad enough, you put in the work. Sometimes, though, the work we put in is too much! We keep feeding ourselves that eventually, we want to give up! Throw in the towel and say fuck it! We've scratched our itch so much it's bleeding. It's time to back off.

When I say back off, I only mean take what you've got and ponder on it for awhile. Then, come back and start again. First, once you've soaked in the work you've already put in, you can come back stronger. You can come back and add to your work. You can build on to it and the foundation becomes so strong, no one can take it way. You can teach it to others. Show them how to pay it forward. Become the master!

It takes stepping away sometimes to see things clearer. It takes looking at things from a different angle to see the whole picture. You may get so caught up in your work that you miss things. Important things. Things like putting on your pants before you take off. Things that will keep people coming back. Things that may even keep you coming back. Don't give up, because if you want it bad enough, put in the work, just don't overwork!