Death comes in many forms, not just at the end of our lives. You could be living in a kind of death today! We live our lives in chapters, and there is always the next chapter. Where we fail in today's world is we find a chapter we like and remain in it. This is living in a kind of death!

We hide or run away all the time to avoid coming face to face with who we really are. Hiding behind mask others have given to us. We wear these mask that does not truly define who we are and keep us from being ourselves. Bob Dylan says that if we are not busy being born, then we are busy dying. I don’t know about you but I do not want to die, at least, not until I’ve done everything I’ve set out to do. I want peace of mind so I’ll be listening to my heart!

If you are stressed in the “chapter” of life you are living. It could possibly be that you are living for the wrong reasons, not that you have no reasons to live. Everyone has a reason and death comes out of not understanding your reasons. What do you care for the most? Don’t be afraid to just sit around not doing anything but thinking. These quiet moments could be the loudest parts of our lives. The parts of our life where we realize what it is we want to live for.

All our lives we live by the opinions of others and we try to live up to those opinions pretending to be someone else. But it turns out that we are someone else pretending to be ourselves. Be yourself and stop wearing the mask shielding the world from who you are. You can’t go through life without experiencing pain, if you think you can you’ll never give birth to who you want to become. Imagine a caterpillar trying to find out who they were, they would never become a butterfly!

I say if you hardly ever do anything different your days start running together. When your days start running together you begin to question what this life is all about. Depression sets in and then nothing becomes of it. Don't be afraid to go out and make mistakes, own up to them and live, because at least you're doing something before you die. If your goal is to please everyone around you, you will soon whittle away. Who wants that, not I, my friend.

Sometimes we spend 90% of our time sitting in front of a TV or even on a computer screen like I am doing now, and it consumes our attention for hours at a time. We block out the rest of the fast world we are living in too and for what? Escaping the reality that life is hard. Life is, but when we realize we control it 100% then it's not that bad. Sitting around doing nothing is dying without cause. You need something to live for and living for something is living, period.