Now starts the rest of your life! What do you want to do with it? I can not tell you what to do with your life! However, I can only show you what I do with mine. I'm nobody special! Although, it does make me furious when I see or hear people make an excuse not to have what they want. I mean come on! You want it, why not go get it? The only thing standing in your way is you! Yeah but Chris, what if you don't have the money? The only answer I have is to go get the money! Sell something, stop complaining! What if you don't have anything to sell? Then my question to you is, why the fuck do you want whatever it is in the first place? If your answer doesn't fit into where you see yourself, then delete it from your memory! You don't actually want it or need it! It'll slow you down or keep you from getting where you want to be!

So where do you see your life going? Is it headed in the direction you want it to? We chose the roads we take! Are you on the right road? If not, time to turn your blinker on and change your life path. Better yet, pull over, put your phone down. Sit straight! Now think about where you've been and think about where you are going. Is where you are heading making you happy or going to? To be truly happy you need to know who-you-are. Are you happy with who you are? If not go and change your thoughts and be happy! The choice is yours, not anyone else's! I'm happy because I found what I should be doing with my life. I'm now moving towards that and you should too! I've chosen my road! Have you?