I woke up this morning hoping I made some sales from my new e-commerce business. I did not. No biggie, because I just started it over the weekend. In the last week I also began programming a web based game. I figure I'll release the game next year in 2018. I don't know if I am biting off more than I can chew at the moment or not but I decided to DO! instead of sitting around talking about doing something.


I started my blog almost a year ago with a post called Focus on your thoughts! where I talked about being water, from the famous Bruce Lee quote. I was determined then to blog at least once a week or maybe even daily. Then I was going to write this huge book and share it with the world. I did write for a while then moved into a different direction. It's funny how life changes directions on you, sometimes you don't even realize it. Talk about being water. Funny thing though, I found myself back here. Back on the computer. Back on my blog and looking at my blog name. CRParish.com, turns out I am naming my e-commerce business the same name. I think there is something to it. Oh, I don't know. Maybe not.

One day I'll finish that book I most greatly want to complete. One day my business will be off the ground and growing bigger than ever. One day, you're going to miss me. One day I will be like water, I will flow and crash through any obstacles that get in my way. I will not allow someone else to control all my income, my financial future. Yes, there has been a fire lit under my ass. I can thank them, dearly. They made me realize the path I truly need to follow. Thank you and most importantly, Thank God! See Ya!