As you are looking for yourself it takes getting lost to be found. Getting lost in something you don't normally do. If you don't like talking in public, then talking in public is a prime example of something you should do to find yourself. Get lost people!

When I feel lost..Yes, even I get that way sometimes. I am human you know! So when I get lost I eliminate things that don't define who I want to be. It's call minimizing. I reduce the shit I have, the things that don't define who I am or who I strive to be. We get so caught up in collecting things that it begins to define us and it should be the other way around. We should define the things we have! Take control and minimize yourself. Tweet That! We like to have things. It's a human thing to do.

Cut your distractions and focus on the important things in life, family, friends and yourself. Do something you haven't done with someone important in your life. Let them show you who you are. Get back on the floor and play with your kids. Remember you were once there in the same spots. You are you only now you're hiding and feel lost. But YOU can be found if you stop hiding. Open up, be someone you haven't been but long to be.