Giants are unusually large beings or buildings or for the sake of this post, problems. Any of our small problems seem at times like giant problems. A bill not getting paid, an appointment missed or simply not finding your keys. These at times are battles we think are giant problems, when in reality they are not giants at all. Grant it, if you let them escalate then yes, they will become giant problems.


When you have a bill that needs to be paid and you don’t have the funds to pay it, it’s a problem. A giant one? Maybe not because you can always make money to pay the bill. How? That’s a different post and possibly a giant one in itself. It’s scary if you can’t pay your bill because it will become a giant problem when Mr. Bill Collector comes and cuts the service off. If it’s your electric, water or heat. Uh Oh! That’s a Giant! But the battle of paying the bill - not a giant.

The missed appointment can always be rescheduled. Call the appropriate people and say hey, can’t make the appointment because I can’t find my keys. Let’s reschedule. Simple. Giant? No. You can always make that up and if you have to, walk. Whatever the case that may be making you miss your appointment it’s not a giant problem so don’t stress it.

If you’ve lost your keys and it’s time to leave for your appointment or work, simply call and reschedule or give your boss a heads up you’re going to be late. Giant problem? No. However, not finding your keys and it’s an emergency, that would be considered a Giant problem. Priorities. Place your keys in the same location every time you put them down. That way you will not risk having a problem become a giant problem or even deadly.

Those are small problems until the bill collector comes to cut you off or the doc can’t get you in and you need your meds or losing your keys when life or death depends on them. Staying on top of your situations and placing your stuff in their designated spots can save you from some of these battles. The giant battles are simply us not attending to our small problems. I get that sometimes the work check is short and you have to rob Peter to pay Paul. I get that your appointment slipped your mind and/or you misplaced your keys. It happens to us all. I’ve been there too many times than I can count. And I hate surprises. I don’t want to be on the net when it is cut off. I would go nuts. I don’t want to have plans to go out and remember I have an appointment I have to go to. I don’t want to be late for work or my said appointment and not be able to find my keys. And I know the majority of you will say the same.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Pay your bills in advance if you're able to. Set reminders on your phone (I know you have one) for the appointments you have. Set your keys by the door you use every time you come in that way they are there when you exit. Everything has a place and everything in its place. Stop letting your small problems become giants to battle with later.


Always remember that someone somewhere has it worse!