When I started this blog I had other ideas. Not about a path to greatness. I wanted to help people yes. But I was going to achieve that by writing about computer stuff. Showing people how to fix their screen or how to download a better web browser. The truth is, I'm just not as passionate about that as am about helping people be self-aware. About helping people find the path that's right for them. A path that is within them. So, without further ado... A Path To Greatness!

If you ever find yourself looking to be great. If you ever think that you are not already great and you only see greatness in others. You're not looking in the right place. You don't have to look very far!. The greatness you seek, the path to greatness you're looking for, is not right in front of you! The path to greatness is you. It's within you!

The Path To Greatness is You. It's within you!

Open your minds eye and the answers are right within you! You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. I can point you to the right places, but I can't walk the path for you. You control your own path. No one else does! Many times I've seen people learn something they want to learn. They dreamed about it for a week after they learned this new information, whatever it may be. They boast about it. Then they don't do anything with it. They throw their path away! They throw it right in the trash can. If it can benefit you in any way, especially bettering yourself. You are a damn fool if you don't invest in it. Profit from it! Be great!

It's like getting new eye glasses. You wear them and you see better. And yet you don't wear them and complain that you can't see. Fuck! Put your glasses on! Problem solved. But your glasses make your head hurt. That's temporary pain for a clearer future. Literally!

Our path is the one we walk every day. If you don't like the path you're walking. The time has come to choose another path. Take another road. Stop complaining when the answers to solve all your problems are right in front of you. Or better yet are within you! If you're thirsty, drink! If you're hungry, eat! If you can't see, get glasses and put them damn things on! If you think you are, you're right! If you think you are not, you are right! You can think yourself into the nut house or you can think yourself into the White House! The thoughts belong to you! There is greatness there, you just have to pull it out!

I can write all this motivational bullshit and give it to you for FREE until my fingers bleed. It's up to you on how you implement it into your daily lives. Execute it people! Open your minds eye and see the path to greatness! It's there. You just need to see it!

How do I see the path? Open your mother fucking eyes and define your path. Create the path you want. Where do you want to be? Go there! Be there. Stop hiding and free yourself!

Take a path to greatness!

How do you keep moving forward in a world that just wants to stand still because of fear? The only way to conquer fear is to face it. The only way to overcome laziness is to conquer it! Keep yourself moving. Moving forward, moving, moving, moving. Moving into greatness! The path is already defined inside you. You just have to figure it out and walk it!

The bible talks about not letting the world pollute you in James 1:27. Take in the good and leave the bad at the door. It's like you having a window open in your house. If you don't want the wind blowing in, shut the window. Don't get yourself caught up in those negative thoughts. Don't let the wind blow in. Don't let the negative thoughts consume you. Don't ingest even a crumb of negativity. Keep moving towards positivity! Surround yourself with optimism, immerse yourself with optimism! Say not no, but HELL NO to fuckin' pessimism. Pessimism will keep your path to greatness cluttered. You have to stay on top of your thoughts and keep them positive.

So how do we keep moving forward? By fighting and kicking the ass of any pessimistic attitude that comes our way! We fuckin' murder it right then and there. Then keep breathing life into moving forward with our positive attitude and sticking to our path to greatness. Yeah, but how do we do it? How do we stay on the path?

The simple answer is..it's not easy! You have to win the battle, the struggle, to be positive when everything seems to be going the opposite way. Stop looking at the trees and see the forest. Stop looking at the reason for not moving forward and move forward while you're cutting down the trees and creating your path to greatness! Stop looking at the struggle and fight!

Now starts the rest of your life! What do you want to do with it? I can not tell you what to do with your life! However, I can only show you what I do with mine. I'm nobody special! Although, it does make me furious when I see or hear people make an excuse not to have what they want. I mean come on! You want it, why not go get it? You create your own path! The only thing standing in your way is you! Yeah but Chris, what if you don't have the money to do what you want? The only answer I have for you is go get the money! Sell something, stop complaining! Get up and do something. What if you don't have anything to sell? Cut down those damn trees I've mentioned before and sell them. My question to you is, why the fuck do you want whatever it is in the first place? If your answer doesn't fit into where you see yourself, the path you've been creating. Then delete it from your memory! You don't actually want it or need it! It'll slow you down or keep you off a path to greatness!

So where do you see your life going? Is it headed in the direction you want it to? We chose the roads and paths we take! Are you on the right road or path? If not, time to turn your blinker on and change your life path. Better yet, pull over, put your phone down. Sit straight! Now think about where you've been and think about where you are going. Is where you are heading making you happy or is it going to make you happy? To be truly happy you need to know who-you-are. Are you happy with who you are? If not go and change your thoughts and be happy! The choice is yours, not anyone else's! I'm happy because I found what I should be doing with my life. I see my path because I am creating the path I want. I'm now moving towards that and you should too! I've chosen my path to greatness! I'm mowing down anything that gets in my way and the blades are sharp! How about you? Have you found your path?

I'm mowing down anything that gets in my way and the blades are sharp!

There are life events that make it hard for some people. Life events such as a death in the family. I agree these are hard times and depending on your beliefs, those feelings may continue with you on your path. Continue with you for the rest of your life. It's how you distribute your feelings that keeps you in control. You can not let them consume your heart and soul. You can not let them keep you off your path to greatness.

Distribute those feelings in an array of feelings such as: happiness, sadness, hatred, and love. Those are the feelings that make us human and when an event like I mentioned above happens, jealousy takes over our heart and soul. Jealousy? Yes Jealousy. We become jealous because our happiness now is with someone else. On someone else's path. Our sadness hangs on and builds hatred and hatred kills our soul in which makes us heartless. Then all that shit covers our path. What about love you might ask?

Love? You just buried your love. Your love is gone forever. NO! How can my love be gone forever? Exactly! You are not heartless because you have loved. Your soul is not dead it just feels that way because of the hatred that was built by your sadness. Sadness we feel because we loved and have lost love. Jealousy, makes us human. Freedom of choice makes us human. Life and death, makes us human. Human, the likeness of God. God is Jealous. God is love! You my friend, are love! You are greatness! The path is what you make it. Life is what you make it.

Don't give up because giving up is death. You are not dead. We are all dying and the road we pave is one someone else can walk. Make a path for yourself and someone else will follow! We all need leaders, mentors, and people to love. We all need a path to follow. We all do things for selfish reasons but remember someone is always watching. Someone is always looking up to you. They see the path you are creating. So create a path to greatness.