When you’re in a tight spot and the world seems to be closing in on you, remember to expand your mind. With simply visualizing a stretchable world nothing will be able to crush you. You have the ability to crush any difficult situation with the one tool everyone is born with - your mind. Look at whatever jam you may be in and find the door or window, then open it up. And believe me, there is a door or a window because you have the greatest gift that can be given, freedom of choice, choose to see the opening.


The moment we realize we are backed into a corner our first reaction is to get out. We begin at that moment looking for the exit and when found, we exit and never look back. What if I told you that in those difficult moments your mind works double time? It truly does and because of it, you find a solution for your situation because it nearly consumes your entire body. Your nerves rattle and your eyes wander and your ears hear a needle drop one planet over, your mind looks for the victory and 99% of the time, finds it. It does all that in a matter of seconds to minutes.

Normally, any difficult jam we find ourselves in only last a few minutes or up to a few hours. I use one simple method to get myself through those ugly spots I at times find myself in. The method works wonders because I know how to open the door or window stored away in my mind. This door allows me to enter into a different world (like the door on Monsters, Inc). The world that is simply tomorrow. That’s right, I think about tomorrow because tomorrow is always coming. It’s something we look forward to most of the time anyway, right? The method is simply telling myself that tomorrow I will not be where I am today. It’s so true and everyone all across the world already knows it. So, when finding yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in, remind yourself that tomorrow you’ll be somewhere else. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, “what if the problem you’re having doesn’t go away in a few minutes or hours?” And I say, think about tomorrow!

Deal with your problems, your tight spots and remember that tomorrow or a week or even a year later, that moment will begin to fade away. Everything in this life is temporary. You, your family, your job and even the world we live in. At a moment’s notice, we could lose it all. Enjoy The Little Things, even if they put you in a tight spot because we are not promised a tomorrow physically. But mentally we can live forever in an ever expanding world of whatever we choose. Choose to be positive and love tomorrow for what you hate today. It is you who controls the situations you are in with the thoughts of tomorrow and the thoughts of sorrow. Think right. Know love. Be yourself and be one with God.